Uniting Alberta's Autism Community

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What kind of life do you want for your child or adult with autism, or for yourself if you are on the spectrum?

At Autism Alberta, we see a future in which children and adults with autism can look forward to lives full of opportunity. We see a future in which people with autism are included, welcomed, and cared about in full community participation throughout their lives. We see a future in which parents and family members do not spend sleepless nights worrying about how their children on the Autism Spectrum will fare as adults, or who will look after them when family members are no longer able to do so. We see a bright future for persons with autism and their families no matter their stage of life or whether they live in Alberta.

We’re not there yet.

That’s why ASA wants you to join our ranks. Autism Alberta’s board of directors live with autism every day. Like you, we are mothers, fathers, or family members of people with autism. Like you, we are adults living on the autism spectrum. Like you, we know the fears, the struggles, and the joys of living with autism. Like you, we know better than anyone else what needs to change to realize our vision of rewarding and fulfilling lives for persons on the autism spectrum at any stage of life.

That’s why we need you!

No matter where you live in Alberta, or what your relationship is to autism, we believe that hearing your concerns, your ideas, and your solutions will help create brighter futures for those affected by autism. Sharing your thoughts, ideas, and experiences across the province will help us build a strong united voice that will help create new and better attitudes, policies and opportunities for people on the autism spectrum.

We all want better lives for people with autism, and for the families who love and care for them. Together, we can make a difference. Together, we can create brighter futures we haven’t even imagined yet!

Join us!

When you join Autism Alberta, you are doing more than simply adding your name to a membership list. When you join Autism Alberta, you are saying you have, hope, imagination, and commitment to making sure people with autism have futures we can all look forward to.

We are growing!

Autism Alberta has just hired its first ever Provincial Coordinator. Together with ASA’s board of directors, we aim to keep you informed of opportunities for information and public policy throughout the province.

We hope that you will also share with us the activities and concerns you have in your region. As ASA grows, we want to make sure people are involved from all regions across our province. We want to hear from you and work with you to solve problems and create opportunities. Together, we will create the futures we want for our loved ones and families!

Board of Directors

Autism Alberta’s newly elected Board of Directors for 2017-2018 is as follows:

President : Jason Scheyen – Central Alberta
Vice President: Lyndon Parakin – Calgary
Secretary: Carole Anne Patenaude – Edmonton

Treasurer: Glenn Havinga –  Edmonton

Carolyn Dudley – On Leave – Calgary
Anita Ferri – Director – Edmonton
Kim Fox – Director – Central
David Jardine – Director – Edmonton
Kirsti Mardell – On Leave – Fort McMurray
Kitty Parlby – Director – Central
Corinna Pitzel – Director (New) – Fort MacMurray
Cynthia Robinson – Director (New) – Edmonton
Paula Swift – Director – Calgary
Sarah Villebrun – Director – Lethbridge